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4/24/2019 9:16:14 PM

The In-between of now and D3(answer poll after reading)

Pull, port, remaster and inject all of D1 into D2


Only endgame activites and rewards.


Do nothing. I like D1 on D1.


So I have been sitting on this idea for a bit, fleshing it out before posting it to make sure everyone at every level understands the what and the why. So, Destiny 3 is coming. We knew that for a while now but what we don't know, is what happens between now and then. Since splitting up with Activision (smartest idea I've seen) Bungie, you are now what amounts to an independent studio. And with it, comes challenges you may well have thought through, but not to the extent the player base has. Now in this move, you've put yourselves in our good books as it were. Developers associated with Activision, EA etc, have been looked at by the player base in a negative "gimme all your money" light. But, you may have also forgotten, you are competing with yourselves. How? Well, Destiny 1. While the regular or irregular player-base has dropped dramatically, there are still enough people playing that you might want to look at this solution. As you have shown on several occasions, you haven't forgotten our nostalgia. But in that, you have opened a world of possibilities for us, the players. I will explain; As things stand, a great many regular D2 players still hop back and play D1 (someone has to remind Oryx and his son to stay dead.) but with recent quests (Thunderlord) we went back to the Cosmodrome. And by god we loved it. So I want to say, why not just pull, port and remaster every asset, every patrol, every activity, every game-type (updated matchmaking because Archons Forge was near impossible to do with 2 blueberries) every armour set and its relevant holographic ornament(read as 'badass') and every weapon. In the grand scheme of things, it's probably a little on the expensive side to do that. I realize this fully and a great many players do as well. But as an independent studio, the investment to the loyal players will pay in Spades. Fundamentally, we all have no clue what is coming, but we all want something solid. Something concrete, something black and gold and rhymes with 'bjallercorn' so to you I say, give us this for Christmas 2019. A full port and remaster of EVERY raid, strike, weapon, ornament, exotic. Everything is already there and from a cost-gain perspective, you'd very easily make more money than you'd have to spend pulling assets over and remastering them to fit D2's engine. Along with this, it would give you so, so much more time to develop D3. Which as an independent studio, you are going to need. One misstep and it's the Curse of Osiris fiasco again. Pros; This gives you a bigger area for breathing room with future releases (that may be years down the road anyhow) 30+ endgame activities (4 full raids, 10+strikes, Archons Forge, Prison and Challenge of Elders plus End-game exotic quests, 5 pvp game modes including a potential revival of Trials of Osiris) Exotic, elemented primary/Kinetic weapons that were so loved (my warlock is still using Adept when he goes back to teach Crota a lesson) Exotic quests and armour sets that people are still grinding for to this day. Triumph ornaments come back and the Tower is lit up like..something bright and glowy. Strike/Nightfall specific loot. Loot. Lewt. You know, the drug of choice for Guardians. The PC player-base gets a true opportunity to play D1 with their system of choice. Such that they might understand why us console players keep talking about it. Cons; The resources needed might tax your coding teams a little heading into a porting of this magnitude. Enemy power-leveling balance might need an overhaul to update them to today's heights. Endgame activities might overwhelm the player-base. Elemented primaries/Kinetic weapons were already done and it was disliked. But as raid exotic rewards? Exotic quests and their respective rewards might break frame-rates on older consoles. (A consequence I am more than happy to deal with if this comes through). Updating strikes, nightfalls and raids to meet our new supers and class abilities might cause unforeseen consequences. Healing rifts in the Vault of Glass Venus/Mars teleport might be a bit OP. The PVP meta shifting might cause some...issues. Clever Dragon+Icebreaker vs the current D2 meta. Clever dragon wins, hands down. Logistics; For the most part, we can still actively SEE those old patrol spaces. (Dreadnaught from Titan comes to mind) but from an in-game lore stand point, the Infinite Forest opens up infinite possibilities (My Name Is Byf Here touched on this a while ago) such that raids specifically, could be put in there to suit lore narratives. The Vex have simulated Crota's throne world, now that Oryx is dead, why not simulate his, The vault? Or the techno-addicted Fallen Machine god? This undertaking itself, would be massive. It might be better to drip feed it starting with Strikes and PVP then the co-operative areas then, on Christmas day, Raids. Bungie, that would blow our minds. This isn't even something you'd need to announce. A slow drip-feed. "Oh hey, new strikes. Oh wait, the moon? WTF?!" then the following week, "Hey more D1 maps. 'Scuse me while I cheese this subway in Chicago before non-D1 players figure it out." Then lastly, "*Incoherent screaming* COME HERE AKSIS! We need to have a talk." Resources; Now I'm not 100% sure on your salaries, earnings reports etc. However after speaking with some developers of other indie games, it might cost somewhere between 400,000 and 700,000$. This is of course, a best guess with limited knowledge. It would naturally tax some of your coders and programmers, but in the long run, it would alleviate the coming pressures of working on D3. A small 2 dozen person team could probably swing this inside 4-5 months, given that there is nothing they have to build from scratch. It may seem over-simplified,(I am well aware of the code-updates that would need to be done. Reach our to Monster Energy for a programmer sponsor?) but in order for everyone reading this to understand, I had to go that route. Finances; Having spent the last 2 months asking around on LFG and the entirety of my friends list, I have been told by no fewer than 200 people (a small percentage of the player base but a percentage nevertheless) that they would happily pay between 10$ USD and 40$ USD for an expansion of this magnitude. Even if it takes a month to drip-feed out to us. Which I subsequently estimate if 50% of the total player count buys into it, could net 3 million USD after taxes, salaries etc. Money you could use to put into D3 Year 1 updates, coding or even just pure development. But I must stress this, this is an estimate based on limited knowledge, so to the players reading this, definitely don't read into these numbers too deeply. But the important number is that they could triple their investment in returns, returning players and D1 players upgrading to D2. Cosmo, dmg, please take the time to read. Kind regards, A Warlock with a need to Chaos reach Gorgoroth. P.S. Give us this grind. Make the Grind Great Again P.s.s If I missed anything major in the Pros or Cons, please leave a comment and I will add it where needed.

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