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Editado por Nelphy: 4/23/2019 6:37:38 PM

Upvote to have amour appearance interchangeable.

Title says it all but read on for the rant. I am bored to death of wearing amour that has the same appearance that I don’t even like. In most games you can change the appearance of one item to look like another. In Destiny 2 you end up using ether amour that looks good and has rubbish stats or end up being board sick of seeing the same amour you have used for weeks. To add insult to injury event and real money amour sets are added to the game regularly but never for enough time to get half decent stats on them. Even if you were to pay real money for engrams to get the stats you wanted with the amour appearance you liked you would have to spend hundreds of Euros/dollars/pounds etc. I might even consider buying engrams for real money if I could at least interchange the appearance of items I have with items you get from engrams. But no I just end up breaking down 99% the items from engrams and events as the stats are rubbish, it seems so pointless to add new content to the game if nobody can even use it. Just for comparison the game Warframe makes most of its money from infinitely reusable cosmetic items. So surly allowing players to pay for infinitely reusable cosmetic amour sets makes a lot of sense. Rather than these one off random stats amour sets that I would not pay a penny for.

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