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[PC][NA] The Lost are looking to recruit active players to our laid back clan!

The Lost is looking to restock vacancies with new active members for Season 6 and beyond! We are a laid-back, easy-going clan. Our goal is to have a diverse membership of players interested in all activities, from strikes and raids to crucible quickplay and Competitive/Iron Banner. Our core membership is based in Central and Pacific time-zones and are the most active Thursdays-Saturdays, but we are fine with players from any NA time zone. We do not have an age requirement, but we do conduct ourselves as an 18+ clan so be comfortable with that. Participation in Discord is required as it is the best way for our members to interact and form groups. We are currently looking for members that meet the following criteria: 1. MUST have Discord and be willing to use voice chat in endgame activities. 2. MUST own Forsaken and the Season Pass. 3. Be active at least once every three weeks. Clan member activity is tracked and inactive members regularly purged. 4. Players with a keen interest in raiding/crucible/gambit is preferred but definitely not required. If interested in joining us, please: 1. Upvote this thread for visibility. 2. Leave a comment with your battletag, what activities you're interested in, and confirming that you have Discord. 3. Wait for an invite and a link to our Discord server. 4. That's it!

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