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4/21/2019 9:00:19 PM

Dear Bungie, the Good, bad, and the ugly non-bashing feedback

You know, Bungie. I really liked that I had options to do activities. You took Player feedback in the last season or so, on this issue, and did good. I had options to achieve quests by doing PVP or PVE. Some were just PVP, but still, I had options. I also could do the P. Weapons like Oxygen/Mountaintop account wide. Yay. I even had options in some areas to do regular PVP or Comp. Yay! Why did you have to take away all that hard work by disabling the precision orbs in Gambit? Now, I am going to have to grind the -blam!- out of quickplay. This is bad. What is Ugly: my depression is going to get worse. Thank you! I had thought you were doing better, letting me play a game I love with my brother (even if we are on two different consoles), and keeping it fun. Thank you Bungie for reinforcing my decisions to leave after my annual pass is up. I don’t need this. I use this game as an escape from life, but this is getting too much for me. So, as an adult, I am making a hard decision, but I felt that (IF YOU EVEN READ THIS) you needed to know what you are doing to players. I see the massive amount of hate feedback, but this isn’t that. This is just the facts without malice. Sadness sure. Disappointment, but I am just too tired to be angry. I know a lot of you are going to be assholes about this and say I am complaining, but there is only so much people can take. I love this game series and have endured all its flaws and not-flaws. But the flaws are becoming too much and why should I play a game that I don’t enjoy anymore?

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