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Editado por Incarnate Sable: 4/21/2019 4:16:03 AM

Gambit Infamy ranks reset bugged

In Season 4, when Gambit came out, I reset my Infamy rank twice, but didn't have it in me to grind out the third reset (second reset was like a week before Season 5). Since then, my "Playin' The Odds" emblem has always displayed 2 resets, as it should. I just reset Infamy again now, for the third time, here in Season 6. My emblem still displays 2 resets, and the game won't let my buy the Ghost for three resets. After putting in this much work, having an entire Infamy rank reset simply erased is so disheartening. Handling my own mental health issues, where I'm struggling in every day life for validation as it is, having all this work I've done simply vanish is genuinely devastating for me. It seems that no matter how hard I try to attain something, both in game and in my actual life, it just gets taken away right as I almost have it. Could anyone on the dev team possibly help me with this bug? Edit: the Infamy rank reset [i]was[/i] registered by the game, because I was able to earn the triumph to pick up the 21% Delirium, it just seems to not have been counted as my third reset for the Ghost shell.

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