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4/19/2019 11:20:09 AM

Ammo finder perks need to be improved and more HUD markers needs to be a thing again

I can't count how often I had a heavy ammo drop in gambit... Oh wait, I can... I only get 1-2 bricks PER GAME (not per round) for my wardcliff (1-2 loads) or my other heavy guns. The perk almost doesn't work. It need to be fixed. Major kills should always grant at least 1 brick heavy ammo. Also the ammo finder perks should actually do what they named for "improving finding ammo". Those perks should mark the ammo boxes and drops within a 30 meter radius on the HUD. Sorry Bungie, but with all that explosions, alien bulletd flying around in my FOV I can't focus on small objects on the other side of the map or in massive texture fields from solar grenades and stuff like that. Stop blinding us with unnecessary explosion effects. Actually provide more information to the players. Add also back: - Better grenade markers (D1 levels) - more visible information about timers for ammo reinforcements - also, give us more important voice lines from shaxx in crucible like "Golden gun on the field" or "Stormtrance outside. Watch for lightnings"...

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