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[BUNGIE] Revelry & Season of the Drifter Known Issues - Updated May 13

Welcome to the Season of the Drifter. The following is a collection of content hosted on, dealing with Destiny 2 seasons, purchases, installation, and gameplay. Players who encounter issues while playing Destiny 2: Forsaken should post a report to the [url=]#Help Forum[/url]. [b][u]PATCH NOTES AND RESOLVED ISSUES[/u][/b] [quote][url=]All Patch Notes and Resolved Issues[/url] [/quote] [b][u]TOP ISSUES[/u][/b] [quote] • [b]Revelry Jubilant Engram Update[/b]: [url=]Click here for a Jubilant Engram issue update[/url]. • [b]Zero Hour Drop and Heroic Mission[/b]: We are investigating an issue where players are not receiving their reward drop when completing the Zero Hour mission on secondary characters, blocking access to the Heroic version of this mission. Players will receive this reward drop as expected for the first character on their account. • [b]Arbalest, Collections and the Annual Pass[/b]: We are aware of an issue where players who don't own the [i]Forsaken - Annual Pass[/i] won't be able to re-acquire this weapon from Collections. • [b]Arc Emote Bundle Issues[/b]: We have deployed a fix for an issue where some players purchased one of the Arc Emote bundles and received the wrong Emote. Players who had this issue will receive the Emote and an in-game message in a future update. • [b]Synthesizer Not Upgrading[/b]: When players try upgrading their synthesizer but it fails, they need to delete their synthesizer, delete any Weekly Prime Bounties they have, log out and log back into Destiny 2, reacquire their synthesizer from The Drifter's second page, then acquire a new Weekly Prime Bounty and complete it. [/quote] [b][u]EMERGENT ISSUES[/b][/u] [i]In addition to the links above, the below items are the highest-impacting issues that players should be aware of.[/i] • [b][url=]Season of the Drifter Known Issues[/url][/b] • [b][url=]Season of the Forge Known Issues[/url][/b] • [b][url=]Forsaken Known Issues[/url][/b] • [b][url=]PC Known Issues[/url][/b] [quote] • [b]Zero Hour and Riskrunner[/b]: We're investigating player reports where they use Riskrunner in Zero Hours and receive BIRD errors. At this time, it's recommended to not use Riskrunner while playing this mission. • [b]"Reaping with the Basics" Bounty and Bow Kills[/b]: We're investigating an issue where this Prime Weekly Bounty doesn't count bow kills. • [b]Huginn Skull and Postmaster[/b]: We're investigating an issue where players with a full inventory can buy Tinctures of Queensfoil at the Huginn skull in the Dreaming City and the tinctures don't go to the Postmaster. • [b]Weekly Bounty Resets[/b]: We're investigating player reports that their weekly bounties and other items didn't refresh at the Weekly Reset. • [b]Warlock Aunor Lore[/b]: We're investigating an issue where some players can't acquire all Warlock Aunor Lore. • [b]Prime Weekly Bounties Triumph[/b]: We're investigating an issue where some Prime Weekly bounties don't count toward this triumph. • [b]Arsenic Bite-4b[/b]: We're investigating an issue where some perks on this bow may have been removed. • [b]Banner Shield and Burning Maul[/b]: We're investigating an issue where the Titan Banner Shield blocks the Titan Burning Maul super from going through it. • [b]One Skip Ahead Triumph[/b]: Players who don't complete this triumph must complete the entire Tier III Reckoning activity from beginning to end to receive this triumph. • [b]Sealed Ahamkara Grasps and "Nightmare Fuel" Perk[/b]: We're investigating an issue where this perk doesn't activate when Hunters use Knife Trick or a Tractor Cannon. • [b]Wizened Rebuke and Collections[/b]: We're investigating an issue where this weapon can't be obtained from Collections. • [b]Antaeus Wards and Misadventures[/b]: We're investigating issues where players die due to misadventures when wearing these exotic boots, as well as where projectiles may no longer be deflecting. • [b]Blink Jump[/b]: We're investigating an issue where players may not be able to Blink Jump when invading in Gambit or in other areas around the game. • [b]Invitations of the Nine[/b]: We're aware of an issue where Xur's Invitations of the Nine does not appear if the previous invitation was completed after the weekly reset. • [b]Season 6 Eververse Shaders[/b]: We're investigating an issue where Season 6 Eververse shaders don't give back Bright Dust when they are dismantled using the Cryptarch’s Shader Recycling. • [b]Wheel of Fortune Emblem[/b]: To unlock this emblem after completing a flawless run of Tier III of the Reckoning, players must first claim the "One Step Ahead" triumph. • [b]Invitations of the Nine "Ecdysis" Triumphs[/b]: We're investigating an issue where these triumphs may not always unlock when completing an Invitation of the Nine. • [b]Delayed Dragonfly[/b]: We are investigating reports regarding an issue where the explosion caused by the Dragonfly weapon perk is delayed slightly. • [b]Finding Thorn[/b]: Players will not be able to receive the quest item for Thorn if their Pursuits inventory is full when they scan the world object. • [b]Allegiance Quest - "Motes! Fast!" Step[/b]: We're investigating an issue where only motes in Gambit Prime count toward this quest step. • [b]Allegiance Quest - Titan Adventure[/b]: The start the Titan Adventure to progress your Allegiance quest, players need to start the adventure that is located in the corner next to the door that leads outside, NOT the huge totem that is next to Sloane. • [b]Windows Update KB4482887[/b]: [url=]From Microsoft[/url]: "After installing KB4482887, users may notice graphics and mouse performance degradation with desktop gaming when playing certain games, such as Destiny 2." This issue was resolved in [url=]Update KB4489899[/url]. • [b]GUITAR Error Code in Last Wish Raid[/b]: We are investigating an issue where players still receive GUITAR error codes while trying to complete the "Petra's Run" triumph during The Last Wish raid. • [b]Red Moon Phantom Armor in Collections[/b]: We are investigating an issue where this PS4-exclusive armor is showing up in non-PS4 player Collections. • [b]Daily Heroic Story Mission PGCR[/b]: We're investigating an issue where the post-game carnage report doesn't display all relevant information after completing Daily Heroic Story Missions. • [b]Clan Up Triumph[/b]: We're aware that this triumph is unlocking for players outside of Gambit Private Matches, and we're investigating the issue. • [b]Events Tab Unlock Flickering[/b]: We're investigating an issue where this tab shows that something is unlocked but players can't claim anything inside it. • [b]Korean UI Issues on PS4[/b]: We are investigating an issue where players using the Korean language on PS4 are experiencing long UI load times. We are pursuing a fix. • [b]Chinese UI Issues[/b]: 我們正調查繁體中文版《天命2》玩家會遇上過長的使用者介面讀取時間。 [spoiler]"We're investigating an issue where players using the Traditional Chinese language are experiencing long UI load times in Destiny 2. We are pursuing a fix."[/spoiler] • [b]"Problem Reading Game Content"[/b]: We are actively tracking this issue. To resolve this, players must uninstall the game, [url=]clear your console cache[/url] or [url=]scan and repair[/url], then reinstall the game. [/quote]

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