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[PC] [NA] Protocol.Black | Discord | Endgame | PvE | PvP | Raids | Strikes | Crucible | Gambit

[b]Protocol.Black - [PC] [NA] [PvE] [PvP][/b] [b]Requirements:[/b] 18+ or show maturity Be active when you can Discord [b]Some history:[/b] Protocol.Black started out after a previous clan had crumbled. The three co-founders created the clan and it became a hangout of sorts for friends. Over time that grew. When Destiny 2 came out, we had a thriving community, multiple raids a week and much more. However, the Curse came and we shrunk, players left and eventually it was a husk. Now, we plan to build anew. Stronger than ever and focus even more on our members. [b]Our Commitment:[/b] Protocol black is about 3 ideals: Community, Friendship and Quality. No matter what happens to in a game, we think of serving our community first and foremost. We will strive to have an open and welcoming atmosphere that anyone can come and enjoy. That is why we will always accept those of any light level, time constraints and skill level. We are not aiming to be the best players, we are aiming to have the best community. If you join, you will be part of a place where our members matter the most. [b]Our schedule:[/b] For now, we are still figuring that out. Our goal is rebuilding. When the time comes we will get this all sorted out. [b]What we do:[/b] Endgame PvE, Gambit, Crucible [b]Instructions to join:[/b] 1) Join our discord: 2) Follow DM sent by our Gatekeeper 3) Come play some games with us! If you are a good fit we will get you added as an member!

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