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4/15/2019 6:10:56 AM

A solution to PvP pinnacle weapons

Hear me out. I don’t have an issue being able to get to 2100. It’s a grind, and maybe more than I want it to be but it’s not an issue for me. Nor are the quests/achievements to receive them an issue. Now that that is out of the way. There is a dilemma where people who are not good at crucible are doing fine of two things. They are either cheating and DDOSing their way to the top to achieve these pinnacle weapons. Or they are paying hundreds of dollars to get these guns. And why do they do this? Because they don’t play crucible? Maybe because they don’t care to because it’s too difficult for them to achieve? I don’t know but it happens. And it happens way too much. I feel bad for those who have difficulty achieving these weapons because some of them are my friends but I’m no good at carrying them. And they don’t suck at crucible, it just forces them to play against the sweatiest of the sweats PLUS get win streaks, on top of all trying to dodge the games with the carries and the DDOSers. I’m okay with pinnacle weapons in the game, it gives you something to chase besides the exotics that just seem to be handed to you by luck. But they can be out of place in the PvP just because you are pitted against all odds of ever getting it if you can’t compete against the big boys in Competitive. So here is my fix for it. If you can’t hang with the higher skill level people, but are a devoted Destiny player and willing to put in time to get the weapon, then why is there not another alternate route to getting the pinnacle weapon. And I understand people got upset with Redrix becoming available for everyone after that season dropped but you have to understand Bungie knew they messed up so they dropped that quest, and people feel as though they got spat in the face for attempting so hard to reach that point and then finally getting it. So maybe not a quest drop then. But instead of a quest, why not enable Glory to be gained in all playlists. Allow the players to choose their own playlist but at a slower pace. “Well then what is the point of Competitive? No one will play it.” People will play it. Because you will earn Glory at a faster rate like it is now. So if you were to play quickplay for instance, and your team wins, then gain 10 points towards Glory rank. Losses don’t hurt your Glory in all other playlists but that’s because you are not playing competitive. You a grinding out time to achieve a common goal as everyone else, to receive the pinnacle weapon. So you gain 10 points for every win, you don’t lose any point when you lose and there are no win streaks. This sounds too easy, well yeah it does, BUT you have to win 210 quickplay games in a single season! That’s a lot of Dubs. Way more than someone could do unless they were dedicated to playing the crucible night after day. You could run Competitive to shorten that ordeal which most people would until it starts getting too hard. Then you can take a nice, more relaxing ride to the top. People that get frustrated in those higher tiers and experience a game loss could now come over to the Quickplay list like they do from time to time and at least still gain points without getting too frustrated with the game. What this also does is give the game more diversity to the player base in all playlists. Most people who play the game and that “aren’t gods” at crucible probably have a life outside of video games ones that devote most of it to jobs and loved ones. So for someone to put in the dedicated time into a game should deserve the guns as much as the people who have mastered it. And once again, I’m not saying the to devalue the hardcore players because I’m one of them. I put hours into the game and I feel like anyone who does the same should deserve the gun as much as I earned it. And to maybe make the climb for those that love the competitive playlist more interesting Bungie should add some exclusivities to the tiers of Glory like a special cosmetic ship, sparrow or even bring back the Halos and make them very unique and attached to the emblem for those who have achieved Glory rank Legend that season. And they can keep their beloved Not Forgotten too. This idea is to mainly allow the people that just want a taste of that glorious weapons that have been locked out for them. Chances are no one could win 550 games within a single season unless they deserved it in the first place. I hope Bungie considers and idea for this. I feel like it’s a good compromise for those that find it impossible to achieve it via Competitive but still have a strong desire to get it.

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