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Editado por Sifix: 3/28/2019 11:50:34 PM

FPS constant drop

Hey there. I haven't been playing on Destiny 2 for at least 2 months, and when I came back around 2 weeks ago, things got worse. I could not aim properly at first, and then I noticed that I was always getting killed by anyone (even basic monsters). And then I identified my problem : a [b]HUGE[/b] FPS drop. Basically, my FPS just drop from around 60 to around 25 if there's action near me (ennemies shooting, monsters...), even the loading screen (with the spaceships). And in real big action, it can drop under 10FPS. I'm playing with a GeForce GTX 1060 (up to date), IntelCore i7-7700HQ CPU 2.80GHZ, 16GB RAM. My quality in average is above High Quality, and even when I reduce it to the minimum, the problem is still there. All my drivers are up to date, all my components work properly (no lags on other games). Does anyone have the solution ?

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