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Peter Popoff wants you to mail him money antiguos

"A letter for James Byford"

Dear, James Byford, I can already see you! I can already picture your soulless eyes And form it with my own hands! You are such a lovely boy, James! You are my hero, James! You write the fiction and speculation of my dreams And display them with your voice! You have such a lovely voice and front, James! You write them, record them on the screen And then notify them to me for me to dream. I dream them, James! That's what you do for me! Thank you, James, You freak. I am your biggest fan, James! I will blow you away with my illustrations! One day, you will see them and dream of them too, Then you will entwine with me. I am a fine artist, James But your mods get in the way! They secretly compete for your love. You just don't see it, James! Do you think you're something special, James? With your high and opinated standards? Do you think you're something of high quality, James? But you're kiddy and uncreative, James. You're kiddy, uncreative, biased, James. Your mods should meet you Because they succeed at hating me And blocking my art to you! Those biased, authoritative loving pricks! You're a short wall of lego, aren't you, James? You boy, my valuable boy. I'm Jordy Commie, James, and I want your heart For my masterpiece live stream. I'm tracking down your mods, James! And I need your heart! I'll admit, James, you're inspiring and attractive But what are you doing with it? Do you think you can block and hurt me, James? Do you? Do you think you can hurt me, James? Do you think you can make something better than my essence, And twist it back at me with Name calling and metaphorical devices? Well, you can't, James. You don't know what I'm capable of. I need your heart for my LIVE and selling greatest works, James! I'm Jordy Commie. I will find your mods, James. One by one I will strike them, Then ban them for their rapid breathing Because it violates my high standards Of not liking them. I'm a fine artist, James! A furious artist! Are you proud of your followers? Are you proud of your subscribers? I'll bet you are, my shining boy. Sitting up there locked in your high chair Demanding more "creativity." Well, you've already got not enough "creativity," James! There's zero free creativity on your channel! I'm going to love you, James! You lovely little tyrant, you evil puny baby boy. You rambunctious little infant. My mother tries to get me to get free speech, James. Do you know what that's like, James? Do you know how hard that is, James? You boy, James. You short wall of lego, James. I love you, James. I'm gonna capture your heart in my art... Sincerely, Jordy Commie. P.S. those mods who remove my work for not liking it are not going to be online anymore. Just treat your fans with freedom of speech and don't remove their criticism. It's okay if they don't like something, even if it includes something about you.

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