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4/5/2019 4:59:45 PM

Solar Week? Void Week?

So Arc Week looks pretty nice with its updates. [spoiler] *Throws Spectral Blades on the Nerf Train* [/spoiler] And I'm actually considering given Bungie my money for that sweet Arc emote. I guess they [u]were[/u] listening to us after all. (There was a thread specifically asking for subclasses emotes and someone asked for a spinning staff and pounding fists) With all that to look forward to, does that mean the other elements are getting their own pass? If we follow a totally implied pattern I made up, Solar would be in the Summer, my guess is July. Hopefully they'll [u]overhaul[/u] top tree Dawnblade. (Maybe even get wings like in the Subclass art?) And as a suggestion, could we get the implied emote to be: -Unsheathing the sword from behind our back and pointing it at our opponent - Spread Wings and float in place a little -or both, both is good The Titan emote kinda writes itself but suggestions are good! Golden Gun emote: -Takes out the GG and pets it like Colonel -hand starts turning orange, eyes glow Anime White™ *Add more ideas please* And of course by more speculation, for Autumn Void week (please be October): #BringBackLance Buff Titan Bubble- I saw it the other day in PVP and I legitimately said "Zavala? Oh wait no! That's still a thing" Give Hunters their PVP One-Shot for non quiver Shadowshot. In PVP, it would kill any red bar, do half bar damage to yellow and then just kinda scale from there. Emote Suggestions: Warlock: -Summons Nova Bomb but starts dropping it, almost hits the ground, the catches it. -Palms it like a basketball, holds it out toward opponent Titan: -spins shield on the tip of finger -summons shield and gives a *hit me, I dare you!* Gesture Hunter: -*Take aim* -Shoots arrow above head "orbs" rain down

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