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Editado por Skred679: 4/5/2019 8:27:41 PM

Solo player gets Luna Recluse and Redrix in same week!!!

I got Luna and Recluse last night and Redrix a few days back. I did this almost entirely solo or with 1 friend. I wanted to share my experience and [b][u]tell you solos to get your ass in there. Don't try to play with 4's. It's easier solo imo. [/u][/b] Everytime I tried to squad with people, it was basically a no-go. Even had some good teams. It's always two steps forward and one back that way. Solo let's you and the blueberries be gangstas. I find I almost always match solos lately. Grab your Trust or your Service Revolver and get going. It's a grind but you can do it. Average player here that did it solo. So can YOU. It's a far more amazing experience to go in there and wreck an opposing team with a bunch of random blueberries and y'all are all high-fiving each other and all that stuff. it's really great.

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