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4/2/2019 9:51:43 AM

A exotic quest about a certain sidearm?

Yeah yeah, I know I know about the running joke as the Traveler's Chosen as the Exotic and all, and I heard it once used to be a [spoiler]legendary weapon once you complete the Red War and heading to Banshee-44.[/spoiler] I do want to see this sidearm come back as a Exotic, but how it works is as a quest from Banshee-44 as he repaired the Traveler's Chosen in Common form when he asks for a favor to do some testing with the repaired sidearm in order to upgrade to Uncommon, to Rare, to Legendary, then to Exotic. Of course this questline will start easy then go harder each rarity rather quickly. The final questline for Exotic will be a solo raid version of [spoiler]the final Red War quest,[/spoiler] and yes it will be challenging to overcome, much more challenging than the heroic version. Once this instance is completed, you will unlock Traveler's Chosen as a Exotic by talking to Banshee-44 again along with a new group raid version (it's even harder) of the instance the guardian has done. The group raid part is to get the Catalyst of the Traveler's Chosen exotic, the drop rate is 100% if they never use any gun except for Traveler's Chosen. The exotic quest and raid will be not just for annual pass users, but for everyone that owns Destiny 2 for the recommended light for the raid will be the same as the [spoiler]Leviathan[/spoiler] and the solo version will be 50-100 light less.

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