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4/1/2019 5:01:19 AM

When are Warlocks gonna get better abilities?

Hate that any “burn” effect is horrid in this game. Been playing as a solar Warlock since the beginning. Back in D1, loved that you could melee any enemy in Crucible, and they’d have a burn effect that lasted 10 seconds, instead of the bullcrap 3. Plus, we’re dealing with Hunters, whom 90% of the player base mains a Hunter. All their abilities were designed for the casual player, so anyone with insane amount of skill can dominate this game, which is why the player base is just stupid. Every time we even mention the word “Hunter” or Hand Cannon,” all your devs get turned on and continue to support the Hunters in each update. Their exotics all improve their already OP abilities, but looking at Warlocks, not much to say. The only useful ones are for improving abilities when supers are active. Other than that, you have to get kills to improve your normal abilities. Seriously. Warlocks were designed ONLY for PvE. I like that aspect a lot, but how about give us buffs to PvP? Give us 1 hit melees? How about one hit grenades like Fusion Grenades or charged void grenades? Sucks having the Scatter grenade do so little damage when it could 1 tap someone in D1. Even the charged version that tracks players doesn’t even do it. I’d even like to see rift be changed where it’s instantly thrown down and can reload any weapon in it, without Lunafaction Boots. Hunters can dodge to reload, all while avoiding attacks. Titans place a shield and reload their guns behind cover. But Warlocks are exposed, have to take about 2 precious seconds while vulnerable to attack, then the healing is too slow/empowerment does little to increase damage. Something needs to be done with Warlocks. The only time we can enjoy ourselves in Crucible is with our supers, but then all the Hunters cry that our Supers are broken and they get nerfed because, you support the Hunter player base, which is the majority, and it sucks. Wish self rez was still a thing.... Can’t mention Titans as needing a buff, because all their abilities are better balanced than both classes. Supers don’t last more than 60 seconds, melees can one tap, grenades that can disable anyone’s abilities, has a shield, and are tanks in any game mode.

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