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Editado por Kanashimi510: 3/31/2019 5:45:46 PM

The Drifter's dialogue in gambit isn't accurately reflecting allegiance choice

As the title states, the drifter doesn't give the proper voice overs. Hopefully this isn't a deeper issue. I'm a little worried that the allegiance selections won't accurately be brought forward based on each character's choice. My warlock sided with the drifter and completed the quest. My titan with the vanguard and completed the quest. My hunter hasn't made a choice and hasn't started the quest. The drifter used to speak different lines to my warlock than he did to my titan. Now, [u]he acts as if each of my 3 characters betrayed him, even though my warlock completed the alliance quest on the drifter side and my hunter hasn't even started.[/u] Thoughts?

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