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3/31/2019 4:40:32 PM

The inverted spire nightfall needs to be able to compensate with its points during 200k runs.

I think it’s a bit unfair that it’s near impossible to get a 200k run on the inverted spire nightfall strike due to enemy RNG, not enough enemies for said run, jokers wild nightfall changes (I normally could get a 6.25 multiplier off of a 90 handicap, match game, grounded, and famine. At the very least, a 140 handicap should have the same multiplier this season, right?). I tried to do a run at a 180 multiplier, match game, blackout, and extinguish, and ended up with only 170000. There is something clearly wrong here... My suggestion is that the enemies in this strike have increased point values, much more ads are added in (or at the very least, more powerful ads), the timer in the beginning section does not start until we get to the first point gain battle, or the max bonus threshold of this particular nightfall is lowered to 150k. I want that she’ll, and I don’t think it’s fair I have a very low chance to get it just because this nightfall is next to near impossible to get 200k with the limits of the nightfall multiplier.

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