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3/27/2019 5:26:31 PM

Black Armory refurbished shader still not dropped from over 150 BA refurb weapon dismantles

Not being funny bungie but what drop rate does this shader have? 0.001%? I've done everything else for the blacksmith title and the fact someone your dev team thought RNG for a shader wouldn't be annoying to people whose skill and commitment to the game got them the rest of the requirements for the title, is laughable. Especially when you consider the very public hate on the morgeth sparrow in last wish (which you still haven't put in the final chest loot table) when will you learn that locking titles behind RNG when the majority of it requires skill, is actually worse than timegatingba title? Timegating means you get it eventually, RNG means maybe never... I'd say rant over but to be honest I won't stop ranting about this until I get my damn shader and even then I'll be miffed about my missing sparrow. All I'm asking is an increase from whatever low percentage drop chance it has now to like 20% chance on dismantle. Same can be said for all rare shaders because the current system makes blue rare shaders far harder to acquire than purple legendary shaders which is pretty silly in my opinion.

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