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3/25/2019 9:41:56 PM

Give Up on Destiny

TL;DR: (This is a TL;DR and also post upload edit because I had some extra thoughts, so sorry in advanced.) Destiny has gone through a pattern where both iterations give us a garbage game, and we have to wait for the game to be fixed again. This is more insulting with the release of Destiny 2 which took all the lessons learned from D1 and scrapped it, and now is doing the same bullshit with the DLCs, with the first two being dogshit, and the third fixing what should already be in the game. Except now, D2 has taken the liberty of doing worse than what D1 did with this failure of an annual pass. I've seen all these cuties saying not to lose hope, and I spit in their faces. This game is screwed, and I can only predict that D3 will pull the same stunts. The only way we can enjoy future releases is by just giving up hope an expecting nothing, because of expect nothing what you receive will be far greater, but that's just the solution for the addicted, for the rest of us sane people, give up and spend your time playing better games. You don't need a game like destiny, because Destiny dosent work, this genre dosent work. All the copy cat games have showed this. Division and Anthem are prime examples. We need to go back to investing our time in games that are good all around rather than in one spot. It was fun while it lasted boys n girls, but honestly, do you people honestly see a bright future from here? Do you think Bungo will make the game better? Do you think the next DLC will make things better? Do you think the next game will make your bum bum stop hurting, and finally give us the experience we all wanted? Well news flash bucko, it ain't. In fact if you though it would, you is stoopid. Allow me to elaborate. For 5 years (approximately) this franchise has been around. Impressive for a young franchise, but for all the wrong reasons. For the span of two games and multiple expansions there has been one consistency, disappointment. Destiny left us disappointed, TDB left us disappointed, HoW left us sustained, but disappointed, TTK was good at first, but only because they had finally given us the game we should've had a year prior, ROI left us disappointed'ish, but is was alright. So after all this, we all prop this game up as some god teir franchise best game ever. And yeah, the gameplay is fun, the guns and abiltys are fun to -blam!- around with, and the raids are well made, but destiny 1 still left a bit to be desired. But don't worry guys, because destiny 2 will come soon! And ignoring all the anti-brains who thought the one game was going to last 10 years, were all pretty excited. Then the beta comes out, and were less excited, but we keep our hopes up, then the game comes out. Uh oh. Now lets see here, game comes out, story is shit, endgame is bare bones, pvp is garbage, and the loot is horrific. Now correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't that exactly how Destiny one started off? Minus of course, the good guns it had. Destiny 2 even tried to make it feel like the original release, by taking away almost all the changes they made over almost 3 years of fixing this concentrated mess that was destiny. So what does this all mean? I mean that bungie has a bad habit of repeating themselves, because when we go down the road of destiny 2, its not to dissimilar. Game comes out, disappointing, boring game, COO comes out, everyone's pissed off playerbase disintagrates. Warmind arrives, still crap, but less crappy. Forsaken expansion, everybody loves it! Everyone loves it, because they fixed thier mess, and were now back where we left off in destiny 1, after coughing up over $200 (that's canadian money btw). Now this is where the track records of the games diverge, because destiny 1 had a massive drought till ROI, but Destiny 2 decided to fill that gap with more disappointing, repititve, braindead grind garbage that we've all hated since the very beginning. So now, with all of this in your mind, let me ask you. With this horrid track record, with this clearly paved system of crap crap fix almost five years now, why do you still give a damn? Half a damn is fine but a full damn? Why? Do you not see the writing on the wall? This developer will not learn, no matter who gets laid off (or laid) or no matter whos the head honcho. Nothing will change. I've been saying this since D2 came out, but nobody cares. Probably because I'm just some Canadian asshole but whatevs. I made the prediction before, and I'll make it again. Mark my -blam!-ing words, D3 comes out, and it will be the same shit all over again. If not? I promise you I'll shit a brick, but I doubt that Bungie has the capacity to break this cycle of mundane garbage. Now here's the thing, you of course don't have to not play the game, or stop playing. I can't make you do that. But here's an alternative to all you hopeful spirts, wasting your time and energy on this crap. Kill your expectations. Expect nothing and receive the world. That's the only way you crazys can keep your love for this game at this rate, its the only way I'd argue. Ignore those trailers, ignore the copy paste youtuber bs, and just expect nothing. If you can't do that, than what's the point? Give up on your addiction. This whole post may come off as an incoherent ramble from a cynical asshole, and it kind of is. But understand that my undying hatred for this game comes from a place of love. I remember when I was a little goofy kid who loved this franchise more than my living breathing pet dog. So please, challenge my virtual and give some thoughts, or agree with me completely idc.

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