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Editado por Scarsy: 3/23/2019 7:16:14 PM

Error Code monkey and bugged game?

So I went on a short 4 day vacation, and came back to catch up on some light level grinding. I load up my hunter and I see the Eva milestone for the festival, and the milestone for talking to Zavala and Ikora for the forsaken ending. I've finished forsaken and i'm done with all campaign/end game activities. I constantly get error code monkey on any instance I try to join, be it pve, pvp, or just the tower. I've also noticed that my Oxygen pinnacle weapon is in my primary slot, blurred out to where I can't equip it, and shows a "Grip Slot" for my shader. I tried to grab it from collections and I was given a masterworked Spare Rations with a bugged roll text. I have not obtained Spare Rations from Gambit Prime, but it gave me the weapon in my ENERGY slot? I'm horribly confused and to be fair, terribly scared. If anyone has any help with this I'd really appreciate it. I am on my laptop, I usually play on my desktop and I data transfered my destiny2 from this laptop to my desktop. This being the first time i've tried playing D2 on this device. I have done a full uninstall and reinstall, issue still occurs. I've dismantled Oxygen and the Spare Rations both, yet my error still occurs.

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