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Discusión sobre Destiny 2
3/22/2019 9:18:02 PM

Please fix PVP quests (Specifically Last Word)

I'm an Australian, my internet is DSL1. my internet is beyond the definition of shit. to give an example: in one of the PVP games I've played in an attempt to get Hand Cannon pricision kills, I headshot a guy 3 times with my gun, he took 0 damage, and proceeded to kill me and 2 other teammates, then dodge rolled into a wall, died to my teammate, and once he had respawned I suddenly got credit for a kill, and the guy instantly died from across the map. without using Jotunn, I can't even get regular kills, the lag and delay on all servers (American, Asian or European) is beyond shit for me. and likely many other Australians. [b]PLEASE[/b] provide [i]ANY[/i] other non-pvp alternative to complete PVP exotic quests, or at least don't remove our progress on the quests. because of this terrible connectivity I can't make good progress with Last Word. before I started typing this too, I had used Spectral Blades ult and chased a team, I slashed a single team member 6 times, twice with heavy, 4 times with normal. [b]HE. DIDN'T. DIE.[/b] he turned around, seemingly only just noticing me, and shotgunned me. it's pure bullshit. please provide an alternative, or please don't remove the progress.

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