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3/19/2019 5:09:15 AM

Bring back (partially) old nova warp

Long time warlock main here. I don't care of I'm down voted to the ground or if nobody listens, but I just want to say it: Bring back some things from old nova warp. I can agree to the DPS reduction or the charge cost since it made it cheap in crucible (pvp once again screwing pve) but bring back the duration and movement speed at least! It's sad to see that my titan and hunter can wreck with their void supers in pve and pvp and when my warlock triggers nova warp it basically becomes an explosive and very shootable snail in comparison. Hunter void super is fast, and even titans get some shield throws to get range, and both of those can be even better woth gwisin vest, Ursa furiosa or doom fang pauldrons. Nova bomb is fun, yes, but I think Bungie really needs to make this roaming super viable for activities again. Anyway, just my 2 cents. Pretty sure everyone who doesn't main a warlock is pretty happy with the nerf anyway.

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