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Editado por nijiku: 3/19/2019 5:12:47 AM

Make Comp Great Again!

I think Bungie should change comp's ranking to a more lenient ranking - fewer loss points and add comp bounties to help gain/ regain loss points. The old D1 crucibles have bounties that rank up the actual Crucibles rank, not the Token/ reward ranking at the Tower on D2. This may help bring back some players instead of driving them away. Or change the comp ranking to be like that of Gambit - no wins, no gain. It is not the same as qp which still rewards players even if they loss the matches. It'll just take longer to reach Legend for players with lower skills but they will be able to progress and have a better chance getting the pinnacle weapon rewards too. This can bring a lot of players back. It'll be almost like y1 of D2 that didn't have punishable ranking system at first. I know this may hurt streamers/ paid carries a bit but we really need to save Crucibles and make it enjoyable for everyone again. Bungie please read my ideas please?

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