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3/18/2019 2:34:11 PM

Nightfall Curated Drops broken?

Just the other day, me and some friends hopped into The Hallowed Lair nightfall for powerfuls/100k, and at the end of the strike, I had a curated Mindbender's Ambition drop. I know it was curated/masterworked, because it had the "Masterwork" flare when I picked up the drop. Only... It was no where to be found. Not in my inventory, not in my postmaster. =\ In it's place instead was just a normal, un-masterworked/curated Mindbender's Ambition... :| I unfortunately didn't get a picture of it because I didn't think I'd need one. Needless to say, I was livid. If this is a bug it needs to be fixed ASAP.

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