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3/14/2019 7:57:43 AM

I heard Fallen once used the Light, so a basic question based on lore and such

When I seen that one world quest (for Drang) in Titan where you had to decide to kill the Hive Knight, the Fallen Captian, or both while your Ghost asked, "What you liked better?" If you spared the Fallen Captian, he would let you have the machinary; also heard the Drifter say during the start of Gambit when the enemies we face are Fallen, "Show why the Traveler chose us over them!" It brought up a question that I wonder... Will it be possible to have a questline where we make the Fallen become allies of Humanity by helping to guide them back to the path of Light? Since the Fallen are "Lost" they were in a position like Humanity was during the Red War when Ghaul took the light from out character and many more guardians, of course our character finds the path of Light by the image of a shard in the European Dead Zone (EDZ). It will be interesting to see Fallen become allies, it'll mean more loot, potentially new Pinnacle weapons, exotics similar to a Fallen design, and a new race as I heard that question about Fallen can be a new race from Reddit. How I see it is the Fallen becoming allies as DLC (quests strikes mostly) while having some Non-DLC (New activities, strikes, and a raid perhaps?) things that players still can do, the new race thing I believe can be introduced in Destiny 3.

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