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3/6/2019 6:05:36 PM

Solstice Strides Masterwork not working after Valor rank reset

Hi! Yesterday, I wanted to get to the Legend rank in Crucible Valor rankings so that I could get my Solstice Strides finally masterworked. The item description says that you have to [quote]Achieve the Legend rank in the Valor Crucible rankings.[/quote] So I went ahead and got to 2000 valor, reset my rank and... nothing. After that I tried to play three more games with the full (Resplendent) Solstice armor set equipped but, again, nothing happened. Relogging didn't seem to help here either. I would try some other things to unlock it manually but since the new season started yesterday and the ranks have been reset there is not a lot I can do about it atm. Is there anything I can do about this right now or even better: Is it possible that the masterwork upgrade can be unlocked manually? Thanks in advance.

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