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3/5/2019 1:01:31 PM

New gambit armour pieces are TIMEGATED and RNG gated

So, according to the info from IGN firechat and Azteccross' video it appears that getting the new armour pieces is timegated to 1 piece per week as well as it having a random drop chance after completing certain tasks. Link to Azteccross' video explaining the details: [url][/url] How to get armour pieces: You will receive synths from playing Gambit Prime. You will then create a mote to carry over to the Reckoning. There you bank it and complete a tier to have a CHANCE to get an armour piece. You can only get 1 armour piece per week this way. Just stop Bungie, stop it... It's clear from skimming through the forums that your community has had it with time gated content. On top of the time gate, there is also RNG involved after doing certain tasks which will be massive grind just the sake of adding grind. Anyone else finding this system complete BS?

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