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3/1/2019 9:08:45 PM

I like D2 PvP, but...

I like D2 PvP, but there are definitely a few things that I would like to see changed, looked at or at least talked about. Balance : We need to look at weapon balance at sub class balance. Scouts: I'm really happy to see what happened to rapid fire scouts. Sadly most maps don't support the playstyle associated with Scoutrifles. They feel in a good place over all imo. Autos: I'm not sure what to think about them. Sometimes I feel like they melt my opponent and the next engagement I feel like I'm throwing marshmallows at my enemy. I think a slight buff to damage and stability would help them a lot and they would feel a lot more consistent. Pulses: in a really good spot in my opinion. Any Archetype is usable and feels consistent after getting used to it. Fighting against them feels like lottery sometimes, because of their strong flinching potential. A reduction to incoming Pulserifle flinch seems like a good solution. Handcannons: They always were a top tier primary choice and my personal favorites. I'm a console player and I hate, absolutely hate bloom. Reduce the range on Handcannons but remove bloom. Bloom combined with incoming flinch often feels like rng gunfights to me. Shotguns: I'm sure that the upcoming changes will be totally enough. They never frustrated me that much. Fusions: They are not very popular. Guns like the Erentil are really strong ( I would love to drop a good one, only special I would put my Sniper down for), but not fast enough. I think it would be cool if a fusions charge time would be decreased after every kill. This would help to fight multiple opponents at once. Sniperrifles: Reduce the zoom on pretty much all scopes by a little bit. Aim assist is in a good spot. Damage is good against normal guardians. But there should be more ways to snipe a super with one Headshot. Since the maps are not designed to be played by a Sniper, there has to be some benefit. 3 to 4 shots from the Spawn are not too much to ask for I think. Sidearms and Bows feel good imo. Every weapon would feel much more consistent with an overall flinch reduction. It's just way to much right now, especially on precision weapons. Subclass balance is a much bigger topic. Not every subclass was designed with PvP in mind, I totally get that and am OK with. I feel like the Solar Titan, Arc Warlock and Void Hunter ( Tether) are not in a good place. All 3 were really strong in D1 PvP and maybe that's why they are the way they are. I'm happy for every response. Please add whatever you guys feel different about or may agree on. Have a nice day Guardians.
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