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2/22/2019 9:37:14 PM

Anthem fans are triggered by the low Metacritic score

Anthem fans are upset because the Metacritic score for Anthem is around 60%. I don't mean just one review like that awful GameSpot review of Destiny that gave it a lower score than Murdered: Soul Suspect. I mean the average of all reviews so far are 61% with no sign of climbing. Fans feel bad and are antagonist towards all game media. I have a solution: a Metacritic for the fans. All games with fans will have a 100 Metacritic score. Are there fans of Rock Revolution? Probably one or two so it gets a 100 Metacritic score! Does anyone like Aliens: Colonial Marines? You bet, 100! Fallout '76? Someone is playing it, so also 100. Knack? If we could go above 100, we would. Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5? Top of the leaderboard with 100. Anthem? Of course it gets 100. I'll send details of my Kickstarter just as soon as I can secure the rights to the Metacritic name.

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