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So Apex legends has a FOV slider... why doesn't console Destiny 2 have it?

Destiny 2 on console, needs a FOV slider. I'm a primary console player because I simply just can't afford or even have the time to buy a pc or parts. And I just don't want to. All my friends are on console and I don't want to switch. But I've been noticing that a many new and older games on console have a FOV slider. Why doesn't Destiny 2 on console have it? Pc does, and it shouldn't be a problem on console. Many games have this option. Borderlands handsome collection has it. Even the new game Apex Legends had one. Destiny 2 feels and looks really f*cking slow. The FOV is horrid. Console players should get his choice. Hell even Minecraft on a phone has it! This wouldn't be a difficult change, and I'm positive many console players would enjoy this.

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