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2/23/2019 8:33:00 PM

Black armory legendary shaders

[quote]Please[/quote] I need to know if getting the Black armory shaders (Rasmussen Clan, House of Meyrin, Satou Tribe) are only achievable when completing Powerful frames? I have done 52 Bergusia forges and 81 Gofannon Forges, used a Forge Polymer on nearly every Gofannon forge, and have done 90% of this all with the Hand Cannon frame (some with the sniper frame or no frame at all for report grinding).... [b]still no House of Meyrin shader[/b]. I am feeling abandon. If someone, anyone wants to ease my nerves by giving me some answers here. This blind grinding is really debilitating. A link to a reddit post with detailed information, a link to a Bungie tweet helping another player, a quote from a TWAB or youtube content creator specifying correct information? For credit, I got the Rasmussen on both the AR and Machine gun and Satou Tribe on a piece of armor and the Pulse. I just do not know if they were all powerful frames.

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