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Editado por Zyrkyr: 2/22/2019 2:03:18 AM

[N/A PS4] Small group of friends looking to expand our circle of trust. Gun-Logic is accepting decent people. Also gearing up for Anthem.

We're a small group of like minded people who like to play Destiny, are interested in end game, but also willing to play with, and help, others to get to that point. However, only quality people will be considered. What is a "quality person" you ask? 1. Someone whom mutes their mic when appropriate. e.g. Coughing, vaping, babies crying, yelling at the dog, w/e. 2. Someone whom is willing to help others achieve their goals. Of course, you're allowed to achieve yours at the same time. ;) 3. Someone who won't rage. However, if one absolutely has to rage, see #1 please. 4. Be there. If you sign up for a raid, please be there on time, or earlier. We have discord, so one can always let people know if you can't make it. This is also acceptable. 5. Have a sense of humor. Be open to taking, and giving, shit. It's fun. Don't be a cun7. I'm sure there's more, and we'll add on as needed. Try not to be the person that makes us add on to this. ;) Lastly, Anthem comes out tonight. A couple of us will be playing over there as well. Guilds/Clans aren't a thing over there yet, but we've got our discord server, and plan to utilize that until we can make our clan on that side as well. Oh yeah, one last thing: 18+ please.

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