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2/15/2019 11:34:46 PM

I believe duplicate exotics are still a problem

First and foremost. its not a "bungo bad" post. I love the state destiny is in. there are a few things i think need some adjustment but this Isn't a topic I'm creating for complaints about weapon or pvp balance. so lets leave all of that out of this please. I'm posting this and looking for those who have had similar experiences to what I have for a civil discussion. That being said here's my experience thus far since the exotic drops tweak. For the most part my experience was alright with obtaining new exotics for all three of my classes. I got a few old ones here and there as I collected but I think its to be expected as it doesn't guarantee new exotics over old ones, just that they're weighted a little bit higher. For a good while that was my experience as I continued to play the game. Now that I've collected pretty much every exotic piece of armor and weapon other than a few I've actually been struggling majorly to get those last couple. For example outside of raids there are only two exotics that i can now collect on my warlock, those being Geomag stabilizers and lord of wolves. I have now gotten well over 15 exotic drops just on my warlock where they have all been things already in the collection (my titan is down to year two only and my hunter has all of its armor) . It has me fearful of playing my other characters because I don't want my next exotic to be something I've already collected or something I don't care to collect (yet), as I am so very close to completing my warlocks collection. I have another friend who has had a similar RNG experience with collecting his Shards of Galanor (he now has his thankfully but it took him near 25-30 drops after he had everything else collected). Is anyone else having similar experiences to this? I'd really like to know so as a group we can present this information to bungie in well reasoned posts and comments to see if there is still a drop weighting issue after a set amount has been collected. Thanks guys

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