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2/8/2019 2:24:27 AM

Should Bungie implement an extra reward for most kill in Stikes ?

This could help with the runner's who keep dying and then extending the lenght of the Strikes. EXP: i mostly do 150+ Almost every single Strike "Yes I'm a PVE fanatics" But today i did a 238 Kill in a nightfall. And it felt good but i still get the same loot as other's. Which got me thinking. What if. What if there was an extra reward at the end for dedicated player ? EXP 1: Finishing 10 stikes reward you with a random Lengendary related to Vanguard's loot pool. EXP 2: Killing more then 150 enemy could give you 2 more Vanguard token and a better chance at powerfull engrams. What do you guy's think ?

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