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2/7/2019 7:20:11 AM

Last Word Quest Is Not Fun or Interesting (Rework is needed and to stop using this type questing format to get new guns)

I know this post my ruff some feather on here but I feel like this need to be said. Bungie drop the ball when executing this quest because all this quest is a long tedious grind, I was excepting something like with the ace of spades where we had to go and get cades stashes and he offer some interesting dialogue. I was excepting more of like except we meet shin malfor and tells us he been watch our so called dealing with the drifter and he interested to see how it plays out for us and entrust us with the last word. The whole get "blood for blood" and "dish best served cold" on top of having to wait for hive ritual to spawn on either titan on mars was just unnecessary in my opinion. My suggestion to bungie is to rework this quest and going forward stop with long grind fest to get one weapon. I hope the community can come together to have bungie rework the quest and stop using this format when earning weapons.

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