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We Are Verging On 10 Months Now To answer a few questions you may have if you are new around here, due to the merger or other reasons; [spoiler]1. God, Whose account has been renamed DefyHate (Explanation farther down), was a beloved user of offtopic. I cannot overstate his kindness and goodwill that seemed to bring out the best in people. [/spoiler] [spoiler]2. DefyHate was the man who took over his account after he passed. For reasons unknown, the original user (God) gave away his account before he passed. [/spoiler] [spoiler]3. Because of the former, you may believe God was just a troll, but upon very in depth research, courtesy of a user named ABZU, we have confirmed the original user died due to a long battle with Cancer. Gorrest Fump, a close and personal friend to the user in real life, provided us with specifics enough that we could track down who God was in real life, and confirm he did in fact pass away as he said. Gorrest Fump also reminded us that God truly loved offtopic, and more so the people in it. [/spoiler] The value life holds can never be put into words. There are many people who have been taken from this world early, and many more who will. They leave tragic holes in our lives and leave us without fathers and mothers, which the world seems to desperately need more of every day. And so, to reuse an old quote; [quote]I simply beg you too openly forgive, try not to hurt, and most importantly, never forget how this world we call home ravages us to pieces. Nonetheless, we persevere, not for those that stand with us, but for those who cannot.[/quote]
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