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2/6/2019 7:01:10 AM

We are officially going dark?

Spoilers regarding Queen ahead. You have been warned. Regarding the Queen's Oracle message this week... Ghost... Stating we are going "dark" is not true. Going dark means absolutely no communication with them. If next week the Queen's Oracle bounties are up? And we get to do more Blind Well? Then Queen's Wrath will still be going on. Now... what I THINK Bungie is signaling to us is we will have the bounties, but no offering to the Oracle afterward. Which is a shame if that turns out to be true. But with that said. An idea popped up: Say we do still get to transmit and next week Petra does her vocal message and then the full curse week rolls around... If the Offering to the Oracle goes in... and say the gate actually does open... Who do you think, if anyone... will be there? Intriguing thought. My guess will be an agent of the nine who starts questioning what we are doing here. Anyone else interested in such a possibility?

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