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Editado por blackoperative43: 2/3/2019 6:12:37 PM

Was I supposed to get this gun?

EDIT: Seems last reset, Bungo made the rank resets completely retroactive to any prior seasons. So any and all rank resets done, will count. So, whenever the reset happened that dropped The Draw. I went to the tower to go pick up the quest, and for some reason, Shaxx also had a quest line mission for me to talk to him about, which confused me at is was, but I was, of course, curious. Whenever I talked to him, he gave me a masterworked Redrix's Broadsword. Now, I had been doing the quest for this weapon, and in fact had 3 more rank resets until I finished it. But not only did the game give me the gun early. It took away the quest tracker for it, insenuating I had completed it. Now I finally beg the question. Does anyone know why this happened? I simply could not be more confused, and I can't find anything anywhere else that mentions this. If this is a bug or something of the sort, I am 100% okay with Bungie taking it away, and making me finish the quest. I just wanna know if this is common, or not

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