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Editado por TheMunchy: 2/2/2019 9:50:38 PM

Destiny 2 is Dying POLL...Still no fix for mold.....lack of concern from Bungie

Bungie Doesn't Care to Fix Issues


Bungie Doesn't Test Content causing Bugs


Activation forced content too quickly


D2 is in a good place


D2 is fine but has issues


D2 is getting better but needs work


D2 is dead, does it matter when


Hey BNGHelp8, Its been about a month and still no fix....I love how I spent so much time getting my second character through all the forges, skipped work, blew off an amazingly hot date ruining my chances, not sleeping for two days, just to find out the character that has the rare bounty for the mold can't even get the quest. Then I stupidly held unto the hope that Bungie would actually fix the problem in the last patch, or even issue a hot fix, considering that so many members of the community are very upset about this are are basically locked out of the exotic quest waiting either for RNG to give them the bounty on the character with the mold or your team issuing a fix. Very much regretting spending about $1,000 on a PS4, TV, premium internet, D2, the season pass, headset, and gaming chair just to play this game and grind to get two character to max, obtain every exotic for those two characters, and every exotic weapon before another player I was in competition with to lose after 5 months of a daily grid due to someone else's mistake. I even got 5 people back into D2, and got them to purchase the season pass, not to mention the dozen new players I brought to the game, two of which I bought the game for. Due to how imbalanced the gaming has been in the crucible, ONE EYED MASK, NOVA WARP, TELESTO, that just barely was addressed, and not even fixed, the bugs in strikes and raids, to the complete lack of concern for fixing the problems for over 6 months or much longer, this damn sniper rifle quest and key mold bug, has pushed all but one or two of the community I gamed with to other games and was "the last staw"(PUN INTENDED). Anthem is going to take many of the gamers so frustrated with the lack of progress and further imbalance caused with every patch. My friends and I have not even played D2 in weeks after the key mold bug, many have even already sold their copies and took the loss on the season pass. The worst part is that no other game has really had the ability to connect their players to this fantasy sci-fi world, the characters they create, the story, and the NPCs that even minor problems illicit a major response. Destiny (vanilla) made you feel like you were part of something epic, this got inflated with D2 and more in Forsaken. I want nothing more for this game franchise to be successful and the game to work as intended, balanced and competitive, but there has been too much frustration and stress from a form of entertainment used by many as an escape from stress and frustration; additional negativity isn't something wanted or needed when the purpose of many if to have fun and escape. I hope this summarizes the overall tone of the community because I am not alone in feeling this way. Someone said it in another post and I would like to reiterate here. IF YOU WANT YOUR GAME TO DIE YOU ARE DOING A GREAT JOB!

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