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2/1/2019 12:33:26 AM

Temptation Quest for The Last Word Not Updating

I posted this in the regular forum without realizing that it should probably go here. My issue is that while playing Crucible yesterday trying to finish the second step of the TLW quest, my progress just stopped updating. I noticed it after one game, and then played 2 more just to make sure. I was at 58% completion when it stopped updating. I went 45 K+A and 25 Deaths over those 3 games. As frustrating as Crucible has been (at one point I dropped 30 percentage points), having this happen was enough to make me turn the XBox off, and watch The Office on Netflix. Has anyone else run in to this issue? And, does anyone know if there is anything that can be done about it? I don't want to go back and play Crucible until I know that there isn't anything anyone can do, in order to preserve my last 3 games in the tracker. Thanks to anyone who can help.

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