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Editado por Talia Sendua: 1/30/2019 6:11:40 PM

About the Last Word-Recoil

I first thought that people are overreacting about the amount of recoil but it is true. The recoil isn't good nor does it feel good. The gun is good with hipfire and I think we all can agree that the last word is performing better on hipfire than it did in D1. But when you use ADS it feels totally different. The recoil is clunky and breaks the flow between hipfire and ADS. Bungie, if this is not a bug I beg you to rework the recoil. I know that balancing last word is not easy. The gun was a beast in D1 crucible. But I'm sure we could compensate this problem by changing the ADS mechanic on last word in the following way: - We get a better control of the recoil throught aiming down sights. - Aiming down sights causes a higher precision and recoil control for the cost of less crit damage. I'm pretty sure, this would give the gun even more traits. The highest damage output comes from hipfire, but your best shots from ADS.

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