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Editado por VirtualSolid8: 1/29/2019 11:41:21 PM

Last word is terrible

Just finished the last word quest... it -blam!-ing sucks. its unusable aiming down sights (at least on console, pc i dont see an issue from what ive seen) and that brings it down to ONLY hip firing when EVERYONE is using weapons that can kill you from ranges farther than shotguns, now don't get me wrong people use shotguns, think it would be fine, BY THE TIME THEY GET TO A RANGE YOU CAN KILL THEM WITH THE HIP FIRE, YOUR PROBABLY -blam!-ING DEAD ALREADY. so whats the point of the gun to counter shotguns IF IT LITTERALY CANT EVEN DO WHAT ITS SUPPOSED TO DO! and ill keep It real with you chief, IM PISSED, Last Word was my favorite gun from d1 even after the bullshit with thorn it never left my hands for crucible but now its so -blam!-ed that I don't even want to use it but cant bear to let it go. bungie -blam!-ed it, I want it fixed. came back after split with activision, bought the pass, got back into the game, now I don't even want to play it. wasted my time on this quest just to be disgusted by what bungie have done to my favorite weapon in the whole franchise, to anybody who wants to do the quest, don't even bother, its not even worth it

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