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Editado por Mole 1103: 1/30/2019 5:57:17 PM

A word about The Last Word

** Read in FULL before commenting ** For starters, it’s day one of the quest. Calm down and breathe. So you don’t like pvp? Okay, that’s fair. But don’t attack others or Bungie. There has to be a little bit for everyone of every play style and I believe Bungie has gotten pretty good at that. So there’s a pvp quest step or two - deal with it. Not every gun/item is for everyone. What happened to grinding for loot or accomplishing a hard task/quest because it was a sense of accomplishment? D1 vets ‘member sleeper grind. Give it time for all the “sweaties, pros, etc” to grind this out and move on. You don’t need it RIGHT THIS MOMENT. Sometimes quests/grinds aren’t about checking off each box along the way. Sometimes it’s about self improvement. Luna’s Howl and Not Forgotten, both are extremely hard to get pvp guns. Most average players hate those who have it. Why? People hate those who have things they don’t, it’s human nature. Am I amazing at pvp? Not by a mile, but I have Luna’s. Why? I thought about the quest as a journey of self improvement and not a grind. Don’t blame others or Bungie for what you don’t have because you’re not good in pvp or willing to improve yourself. Practice, you didn’t leave your mother’s womb with a MVP metal in hand. I worked hard to pre-aim/fire, slide, jump at the right times, learn the spawns/maps and heavy timers. Did it make me a better Destiny player? Yes. Did I get frustrated? You bet! (Telesto). But I got it, not by solo pvp. I went outside my comfort zone and messaged people after a game (team or fo) and tried to team up. Half the time it worked and payed off, sometimes it didn’t happen or I lost games and we split. That’s life, not everything is perfect and happens instantly. I made friends along the way, some I still talk to and play with, others I added but haven’t had an interaction with since. That’s okay. LFG exists for this reason, use it. Use your tools. LFG, community sites/clubs. All exist to find like minded people. Stay calm, cool and collected. It’s a game. Not worth breaking a controller (do you have $$ to replace that?) or losing friends/family or black listing yourself on LFG because you lost your cool. If you need Last Word RIGHT NOW you need to stop and reconsider what this game is to you. It’s a digital gun. That’s it. Nothing more nothing less, it isn’t going on your resume. And your being obsessive over literally nothing. “Get good” or “noob” if these anger you then you don’t need to be playing an online game. Simple. These terms exist beyond pvp. Get over it. There will always be trolls where anger exists to fuel the flames (strikes, raids, new content). All in all, breathe and let the community enjoy this new content and believe in yourself that in time you’ll get this gun on your own terms. Thanks for reading and good luck out there guardians!

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