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Where is my REMOVE Cores Post?

It was the top 40 posts on the forum yesterday. Now we get top 2? Maybe 3 posts? **IF** the system is to continue it needs a massive overhaul. [b][u]CORES COULD BE GIVEN IN?[/u][/b] *Strikes [u]*TOWER gambling. [/u]Space black jack, poker and farm activities. Chicken races, throwing horse shoes......whatever. TARGET RANGE << test our weapons while competing and shooting targets for cores. *Raid chests *Raid bossed *HVTS (all should have a drop chance) *Heroic public events *Dismantling duplicate exotics (not from collections) *Cruicble wins (especially comp games against higher tier players) The higher the odds the better the core reward. *Gambit boss kills Basically make the cores / game fun. Grinding shouldn’t be a chore but part of the necessity and core gameplay mechanics.

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