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1/24/2019 9:38:49 PM

Lost Sector Stories: Widow’s Walk

[spoiler]This is a series of posts dedicated to finding the stories and lore behind Lost Sectors, one of the most underrepresented game features. I’m probably not going to cover [i]every[/i] Lost Sector, since not every one is interesting enough. Masterpost:[/spoiler] Hello and welcome back. I wanted to get this one out earlier, but I didn’t. But now it’s time. This time, we’ll be taking a look at a Lost Sector that might be flying under your radar. I like it and it teaches us some overlooked lessons about the EDZ. And it also contains some food for thought regarding the Fallen... ____________________________________________________ You enter this Lost Sector from the basement of a commercial building in Trostland. Right from the beginning, we are introduced to logos that are scattered throughout this whole Sector. Widow’s Walk is inhabited by a Fallen crew from the House of Dusk, lead by Mazan, Lost Captain. If their allegiance wasn’t obvious by their in-game models, they have a giant banner in the back to prove it. Now that that’s out of the way, let talk about the logos. Even in D1, the EDZ locations were always home to lots of golden age logos and advertising (I would have gone into D1 and collected some screenshots from the EDZ crucible maps, but I don’t have access to private matches, so nah). It’s no different in Trostland. Widow’s Walk features signs from these companies: -Amsel -Wausser -Grägerich -ABS Kastner At least some of these are featured outside this Lost Sector, around Trostland. “ABS Kastner” seems to provide the mining facilities around Trostland with something contained in barrels. “Amsel” is not only the german word for blackbird, but also a company quite prominent in Trostland. Why am I rambling on about these rando unimportant company names? Well, in my humble opinion, they are some of the few insights we have into the daily life during the golden age. We could guess their purpose, but we sadly know next to nothing about them. ABS Kastner seems to have operated an office in Widow’s Walk, while Amsel and Grägerich seemed to use the space as storage, especially in some sort of garages, which might also hide small storefronts. The interesting one in Wausser. There’s an actual store in Widow’s Walk. It is very empty, but it’s not too destroyed. It features displays in the back wall, reminiscent of displays for tech products. There are also small isles with more glass displays. Weirdly, there’s an advertisement for ABS Kastner in the middle of the store. I think this is either a small tech shop of a larger company or a jewelry, of which I prefer the first option. The style of the store definitely fits this one more. This is the place where an golden age swiss man might have gone to to take a look at the newest holo projectors for ones personal home. Despite all of these random sign placements that I probably thought about way to much, there’s something more important going on. Let’s get to the interesting part: Like I already said, the Lost Sector is occupied by Fallen. These four-arms always like to redecorate their dens with crates and graffiti. But the most alien feature in the entire Sector is the big blue wreck in the middle of it all. Upon closer inspection, you’ll notice that it’s a crashed Fallen Skiff. It’s somewhat buried in the ground and cracked in half by the impact. We can also see where this came from. Right behind the Skiff is a civilian building, missing an entire wall. There’s a clear hole inside the back wall of this building. This is where the Skiff crashed through. This probably caused the roof and floors to collapse and also removed the entire front wall, which is now scattered around the Skiff. Why did the Skiff crash? Technical malfunction? Shot down by Cabal artillery? Guardians? There’s no way of knowing, but it’s still fun to see actual damage of the constant struggle in our system affect both environment and enemies. The real interesting part comes when looking at the color of the Skiff. It’s blue. Not the typical D2 brown with purple accents. That’s the standard coloring of House of Dusk Skiffs. But if it’s not Dusk, which faction does ot belong to? Well, there are two Fallen Houses associated with the color blue: House Winter and House of Wolves. As far as I am aware, none of these Houses used completely blue Skiffs, ever. The Wolves used blue walkers however. But the color is more of a House of Winter color. So what is it now? It has no markings or symbols on it. All the other symbols on the crates seem to be generic Fallen symbols, nothing important. With the Fallen merging into the House of Dusk shortly before D2, it’s likely this ship was here before the Red War. The Wolves did have operations on Earth and House Winter died out pretty early in D1, so Wolves might be more likely. I don’t think it’s definitely just a random asset, seeing as it is the only one of its kind, as far as I know. Speculations can run wild with this thing: A new type of Skiff? A scrap version made out of desperation? Winter on Earth? Like I said, food for thought. Maybe it’s just an unedited model. I however like to think it’s not, just for the fun of it. After this crash, Mazan and his crew moved in. They definitely weren’t the crew of this Skiff. Nothing could have survived that. Mazan’s title might suggest that he is somewhat distant to the rest of the House if Dusk, either by choice or by accident. A loner of sorts. One last thing: the Name Widow’s Walk. It could be the actual name of the street the Sector is located in, although that would be a quite absurd one. But it’s actually my best guess, since nothing else in there seems to have any connections to the name. Street names are sometimes weird, especially in Europe. They can have the strangest origins. Who knows? ______________________________________________ So this was my take on Widow’s Walk, I hope you enjoyed this rambling. I’ve decided I’m going to include a little teaser to the next Sector at the end of the current post. So here it is: [spoiler][i] Ares watches over the children of the crypt[/i][/spoiler] See you next time!

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