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1/24/2019 4:00:57 AM

Two Tailed fox (ideas/buffs)

So two tailed fox is a little underwhelming and I have been siting on a few ideas to change it in to an actually viable exotic that not only makes it fun to use, but also competitive with other exotics. So the first thing to get out of the way is that I am not a fan of just buffing its fire rate and giving it clusters because that kind of just makes it similar to how other rockets are, and I would much rather have it carve out its own niche 1. max out its blast radius because if we have to put up with a shit fire rate then the rockets better make it worth it 2. Make rockets detonate in proximatey of thier target only (so if a enemy that is not being targeted comes within proximity of the rocket it will not detonate un less the rocket comes in direct contact)(also if dumb fired the rockets act normally and will only detonate when they hit something) 3. tracking should stay on a target so long as they are in line of sight. (Once the rocket is fired it keps tracking the target even if they are out of line of sight, like a normal rocket) 4. when two tailed fox locks on to a target a small icon apears on the indavidual that is being targeted 5. pressing reaload will wipe all locks 6. enable the rockets to track two different targets (there is a small two second delay between the second target being locked on two so as to prevent frustration) 7. the solar burn needs to last much longer or do more damage 8. supresion needs to actually supress bosses 9. when the rockets are fired there trajectory is determined by the target not the direction you are aiming( there are limits though rockets are not going to be doing full 180s, they will change at 45-60 degrees at best) these changes would hope fully enable us to use both rockets efficiently instead of the massive overkill on red bars it always has, making it more efficient at crowd control. This should also make it more viable for boss fights in PvE, with out making it a night mare in PvP

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