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1/23/2019 5:14:00 PM

banners and shields

shelds and banners and collections books well first off I like to play this game a lot but there are a few issues i have along with many i have talked to. I love doing the things in and for the collections books. it gives many of us things to do but some of the things that are needed to do have nothing to do with that main item in this I mean the following. why is all the shields tied into having to do raids or crucible ? give the raids thier own shields to earn. this new DLC i was very happy to see as many of us were. but that was short lived when I saw that to do all the things for the armor section you had to do a lot of things in the raid . why? what did or dose it have to do with the guns? all the ones to do in the forges are great but to also to add all the raid items just to get the banner / shield done is wrong. the biggest thing just to point at one that you had to have all the raids done with in 24 hours of the release ? come on really ? this is not COD please remember there are a lot of folks that just don't like to raid or play crucible or just cant get a large fire team to play at the same time. to sum this up just don't tie every banner shield to raids or crucible give them their own section. I my self have worked hard to get all most of the items done but I am not some one wants to be all stressed out to go flawless just to get the black armory banner done just had to say it. what do you all think?

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