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1/23/2019 1:21:34 AM

Being coerced into playing Rumble feels bad

So for context, I'm on the Redrix quest step where I have to do 25 full matches each of Quickplay, Competitive, and Rumble. I've been slogging my way through losing a handful of matches, and I feel like shit, so this is not going to be a positive write-up. I would really like to hear from Bungie why they put that particular requirement in. I mean, in my mind it's already extremely painful to get killed repeatedly by weapons that I don't have access to (Luna's, etc), but to let those people run about and mess with people in quickplay is unpleasant, but at least there I have a team, and my friends and I can work together and try to out-teamshot those people, or use tactics and things. But as someone who plays primarily PvE, and enjoys collecting things, having something gated so hard behind something I utterly despise (Rumble) is disheartening to the point of "Well I guess I might just not ever play again". I mean, if I were to throw the designers a bone, I might understand if they were trying to artificially inflate the population of the Rumble playlist. But this quest has been around since last season, and I couldn't play during season 4 for a number of personal reasons. So now here I am, trying to catch up, and the only people left are running around with Luna's Howls and Not Forgottens, or other unbalanced weapons that I don't have access to (Jotunn) and it just feels.... bad. I don't see any positive things coming out of this (here comes the cynicism). Other people are better at this game than me, that's fine. I feel no need to compete with them. But Bungie needs to supply those people with a pool of suckers and targets to make them feel good about themselves, and so this quest step comes in, and I have to just slog through it. I should also mention that I main a Warlock, and this quest step is so far down the goddamn line that it would take me a not-insignificant amount of time just to get *back* to this point with another character, before even trying to get through it. And of course it doesn't retroactively count matches played, so I'd have to slog through tons of stuff *and then* start playing more Rumble. So Titans can sprint at me and melee me and I die. Hunters can insta-cast Blade Barrage anywhere in my general direction and I die. Even other Warlocks can seem to make things work better than I can. And I'm just running around like a putz trying to find some way to not feel like garbage about being encouraged to do something I hate. I'm going to suffer through it eventually, I suppose, because I'm a -blam!-ing loser like that. But Bungie should know that this kind of stuff just hollows me right out, and burns through any positive feelings I have about coming back to play the game again. I know it's not going to change, and I'm sure some PvP die-hards are going to complain about me wanting hand-outs or something like that. I don't want a hand-out and I'm not petitioning this to be changed. I just want Bungie to know that forcing this kind of thing on players like me feels awful, and I sincerely hope they never do it again.

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