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I Don’t Like The Limited Time On The Pins For Seals

I would like to be somewhat of a completionist on this game and one of those things are the seals. I recently noticed that I can get a physical version of the seal, but I also noticed that I have until March 31 for all of the seals except for Chronicler and Unbroken, which are extended until August 31. I don’t like this time limit because I won’t be able to get a lot of them. If I do, I have to spend hundreds of hours playing the game. I don’t have that time. I have school to do and it’s especially unfair to those who have jobs. Most of them have even less time to do these things. Another group of people who definitely won’t be able to get almost any of them are new players. They too have either jobs or school or both, and won’t be able to get it. The only people to get most or all the seals by these times are only die hard fans who pretty much do this for a living or have no life. I don’t see how people who are in school or have jobs are even able to do these within the time period. I would like it if they either made them available until the The next Destiny game or extend the time by a large amount, like 2020 or 2021. That would make it fair to almost every player that play the game. I would like to earn these in my own time. Bungie, please make this happen. I would love to collect all of the pins, but I can’t because of this. Edit: If you keep the timegate for the seals pins, I would like it if you put them up for sale after so others can at least get them. You would be able to get them free during the limited time and then you would have to buy them after the times up. I think that would also be a good plan to do.

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