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1/15/2019 5:28:39 PM

Can only do one weekly frame (one time issue)

Imma get to the point: if you complete a weapon frame forging during the weekly reset, it'll count as a powerful frame, give you a powerful weapon but only allow you to buy one powerful weapon frame. What i did was complete a the volundr forge for a non-powerful hammerhead frame at weekly reset time only to receive a second powerful hammerhead (first one being at the beginning of the week) and progress towards the Ada powerful armour weekly quest (i had claimed last weeks powerful black armoury armour). Then, when i bought my first powerful frame, there wasn't an option for a second one. In other words, the hammerhead from the previous week counted towards the new weeks 1 of 2 possible powerful frames. Now i have a spare ballistics log also. I didn't find it to be too big of an issue however others might. The reset that this occurred on was Tuesday 8th Jan and i'm sorry if it has already been patched. I also think i have video of only one frame being available however not of obtaining the 2nd powerful hammerhead. Thanks for reading this.

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